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Baldwin Pianos where once known as being the largest piano US based piano manufacturer. Baldwin Pianos was started in 1862 by Dwight Hamilton Baldwin. Baldwin was a piano teacher as well as a violin and organ teacher that later started DH Baldwin & Company in 1873.

After the war ended, Baldwin resumed selling pianos, and by 1953 the company had doubled production figures from prewar levels. In 1946, Baldwin Pianos introduced its first electronic organ which became incredibly successful. The company changed its name to the Baldwin Piano & Organ Company to reflect it’s success with it’s first electronic organ. In 1963, the Baldwin Piano company acquired C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik which it remained owner until 1986. In 1965, Baldwin Pianos constructed a new piano manufacturing plant which was planned to manufacture upright pianos. By the year 1973, the Baldwin Piano company had built over 1,000,000 upright pianos.

Baldwin pianos have been used by popular celebrities and musicians such as Liberace, Richard Carpenter, Ray Charles, Carly Simon, Dave Brubeck and Dick Hyman

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