Quotes from Steinway Pianists and Concert Artists

Here’s a handful of notable quotes from many different Steinway pianists and artists from around the world.

“I have long admired Steinway pianos for their qualities of tone, clarity, pitch consistency, touch responsiveness, and superior craftsmanship.”

Billy Joel

“I wish to thank Steinway for its wonderful pianos which I’ve been privileged to play in all my concerts. There is no piano like it in the world.”

Evgeny Kissin

“It is a privilege and an honor to perform on Steinway pianos.”

Diana Krall

“I insist on a Steinway for my recordings, my concerts and my home. It is the only piano I want to hear my music played on.”

Michel Legrand

“The Steinway pianos of today are the finest I have ever played.”

James Levine

“I choose to play the Steinway because of its wonderful clarity, tonal diversity and the wide dynamic range that it enables me to achieve.”

Radu Lupu

“I have owned and played a Steinway all my life. It’s the best Beethoven piano. The best Chopin piano. And the best Ray Charles piano. I like it, too.”

Randy Newman

“The more I hear its nuances of sounds, the more I realize the wealth of colors only a Steinway piano can produce.”

Murray Perahia

“Sincere thanks for the incomparably beautiful Steinway Grand, which certainly is worthy of a better piano player than”
Richard Wagner

“Since my childhood Steinway has been much more than just a piano. It has been my beloved companion and home to my soul.”
Franko Richmond

“Steinway is the only piano on which the pianist can do everything he wants. And everything he dreams.”

Vladimir Ashkenazy

“When one plays a Steinway, there is a warmth and nobility in the sound that is unequalled by any other instrument.”

Emanuel Ax

“The Steinway piano is such an incomparable instrument. Due to its virtues, I am able to express all my musical feelings.”

Daniel Barenboim

“I want to make music. That means I prefer the Steinway piano.”

Alfred Brendel

“The Steinway piano is the most harmonious implement for musical intention. It completes what is beautiful and artistic.”

Yefim Bronfman

“A Pianist without a Steinway, for me, is the same as a singer without a voice.”

Rudolf Buchbinder

“The Steinway piano – with its beauty and power – is the perfect medium for expressing the performer’s art, drama and poetry.”

Van Cliburn

“With a tone so rich, I would never be afraid of the dark. Steinway is the only and the best!”

Harry Connick, Jr.

“I have looked to the Steinway piano since I was three, not only as my ideal choice of an instrument. But, as a responsive and ever reliable friend.”

Ahmad Jamal

“Steinway grand pianos are the best in the world.”

Maurizio Pollini

“I choose the Steinway piano because of its rich depth of tone, gigantic range of timbres, and the unique individuality of each instrument.”

Marcus Roberts

“The Steinway is ideal for expressiveness, subtle tone coloring and projections of sound.”

Peter Serkin

“Steinway is the finest piano ever made. Its tone is magnificent and its well-balanced action superb.”

Billy Taylor

“The Steinway piano is the most versatile instrument I know.”

Mitsuko Uchida

“Only my loyal Steinway piano endures. Be it beaten or caressed, its gorgeous tone remains.”

Roger Williams

“My friendship with the Steinway piano is one of the most important and beautiful things in my life.”

Krystian Zimerman

“Sometimes a Steinway plays better than the pianist, and it is then a marvelous surprise.”

Martha Argerich