Piano Repair and Restoration Services

Find out more information about our Portland Piano Repair services on our new piano repair web site.

Repairing or Rebuilding Your Piano? Michelle’s Piano Company has two restoration locations in Portland, Oregon. We have a large and dedicated piano servicing staff who specialize in piano repair, finishing and rebuilding.

Piano Tuning:

We do in-home tuning and pitch raising. Tuning a piano yourself is not a simple process. Piano Tuning is a learned skill. Read more about our Portland piano tuning on our Portland piano repair web site.

Action Work:

Regulation, hammer voicing/ replacement, and repair sticking keys.

Piano Cabinet repair, Piano Touch-Up and Piano Refinishing:

We employ finish specialists. Make your piano shine again- like it once had. We offer full cabinet refinishing and restoration.  See a more detailed description of all the piano repair we offer at our Portland Piano Repair web site.

Portland Piano Repair and Tuning at Michelles Piano in Portland OR

Piano Wheels and Casters:

Repair or replace wheels and install moving dollies.

Piano Cleaning:

Clean, recondition and restore your piano to original factory conditiont.

Key Tops:

Repair or replace your damaged key tops with new synthetic materials or vintage Ivory.

Package Pricing:

Since we move, refinish, rebuild/repair and sell pianos, we offer Special Package Prices. View our current Piano Storage Packages and Free Piano Services pages for more information.  For a quote call 503-295-1180 and or email: info@michellespiano.com.

Let our experts transform and restore your instrument into a treasured heirloom.