Spirio a New Kind of Cool

Steinway & Sons Spirio is the newest innovation. The Spirio is coming soon to Michelle’s Piano.  This innovative high resolution player system married to Steinway & Sons a 163 year tradition piano company. It has been seventy years since Steinway had a player system called the Duo- Art player utilizing paper rolls. Same concept, except for holes cut into the paper, are now very highly defined 0′ and 1’s to deliver lifelike reproduction of the piano. Unlike other player systems, this one truly brings state of the art digital technology by allowing the nuances of pedaling and triple pianissimos and pressure sensitive action of the keys.

Two of the most important features that set this player system from other player systems out there is: closed loop proportional pedaling and high resolution drive technique. This new dynamic pedaling technology allows for greater expressive pedaling for delivering the ultimate musical experience, 250 levels of shading in the volume of sound. The high resolution drive system allows for more accurate velocity in the keys by allowing the piano to whisper or roar

Along, with the new technology, Steinway & Sons is ushering a new catalog of recordings from approximately 1700 Steinway Artist. From classical to rock, baroque to jazz and everything in-between the listener can have the intimacy of a private piano concert for their own enjoyment or to bring in world class artist perform for their parties. The system uses the simplicity of the iPad to hold the library, update and manage this unique playlist.

The player systems are integrated in the New York and Hamburg factories. This allows for the precise installation, testing and quality assurance for the customer. The Spirio will be fitted into three popular home models; the Steinway B 6’10”, the Steinway O 5’10”, and the Steinway M 5’7″. Michelle’s Piano Company anticipates the arrival of the Spirio in July 2016! Look to our website as we proudly announce this new state of the art p