Hallet Davis HS160 Baby Grand Piano

MSRP: $15,995.00

$10,995.00 $8,895.00

Type : Baby Grand

Condition : New

Year : NEW

Finish : Ebony Polish

Length : 5 Feet 3 Inches


Hallet Davis HS160 Baby Grand Piano Description

Product Description

Hallet Davis model HS160 baby grand piano is one of the best pianos in its price range it offers great performance with rich tone and easy action that offers multiple color and ease of touch. It has great features that are available in pianos that are,  more than double the price here are few of the features that are usually found in handcrafted pianos: German scale design, Roslau German strings, 10 Ply Maple pinblock, Multi radial spruce soundboard and many more.


Size: 5’3″ – 160 cm
Action Material: Hornbeam
Action Rail: Aluminum
Agraffes: Yes
Beam Material: Spruce
Bridges: Vertically Laminate/Maple
Duplex Scale: Yes
Fallboard: Slow Close
Hammers: Reinforced 22 lb Felt Weight
Keybed: Multi-Laminated Spruce
Key Material: Select Grained Spruce
Plate: Sand Cast
Pinblock: 19-Ply Maple
Rib Material: Spruce
Ribs Notched Into Liner: Yes
Rim-Inner: Walnut – 18 Plys
Rim-Outer: Walnut – 9 Plys
Sostenuto: Yes
Soundboard: Multi-Radial Spruce
Soundboard Area: 1756 sq. in. – 11329.009 cm
Speaking Length of #1 Bass String: 48.15 in. – 123.301 cm
Strings: Roslau – Germany
Tuning Pins: Blued Steel Nickle Plated
Weight-Boxed: 794 lbs – 360 kg

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