Essex EUP-116QA Queen Ann Upright

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Type : Upright Piano

Condition : New

Year : New

Finish : Cherry

Height : 48.5 Inches


Essex EUP-116QA Queen Ann Upright Description

Product Description



Queen Ann Upright

This is a well balanced cabinet with elegance and refinement. The hand-carved reliefs on the legs, also known as acanthus leaf, which symbolizes quality and longevity. The linear curvature  design is a testimony to a high quality and exceptional craftsmanship. This piano brings style and refinement to any home.

Essex pianos are completely designed by Steinway, one of the richest and stunning cabinet designs in this class, Essex uprights are available in a variety of finishes to meet everyone’s taste and style. These uprights produce a rich and powerful tone that is not found in this price point, a tone that is superior to what is typically expected from a upright piano and reminiscent of their Steinway design.

The innovative Steinway-design solid-spruce and tapered soundboard, rather than uniformly thick, to help vibrate more freely and produce richer and deeper sound

A responsive keyboard due to the geometry of the Steinway-designed, all wood action which provide the player with more touch control and dynamic range.

All Essex uprights have massive staggered backposts which help support the tremendous tension that upright pianos have and add more life to the piano.


Satin Lustre: Sapele Mahogany

Steinway Trade-up promise

Should you chose to trade up your Essex piano to a new Steinway grand you will be given full purchase price value toward the new Steinway within ten years.





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