Kawai K-15E Console

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Condition : Like New

Year : 1963

Finish : Cherry

Height : 43 Inches


Kawai K-15E Console Description

Product Description

Kawai K-15E Console

Here we look at the smallest Kawai in the upright piano range, the Kawai K-15E Console piano. It has a compact modern case that will really appeal with those short on space in their homes. Even with its small cabinet it produces some serious volume and tone.

The Kawai K15E features Kawai’s ‘Ultra Responsive’ action, which is responsive to the lightest of touches. It performs well on fast scale runs and soft passages in the upper register. It is a lighter touch than some of the bigger pianos in the upright range, but the responsiveness of the action ensures that no detail is left wanting in your playing.

The K-15E is a 110cm upright piano in a compact modern case that will fit most homes. It is a perfect upgrade from a digital piano, and great for inspiring young players without daunting them with its size. Many lapsed players return to the piano as life begins to settle in their 30s – and at retirement – and the K-15E makes good sense as a step back into owning an acoustic piano. The K-15E also an option for smaller practice rooms in schools, where the combination of affordability and durability makes good sense. The price is low enough that it competes with higher-end digital pianos and, where conditions allow, the benefits of playing an acoustic piano are likely to be enough to win you over.

The K-15E benefits from Kawai’s Ultra-Responsive action, which combines traditional wood with strong aluminium rails and light, ABS-Styran action parts to provide a responsive and involving playing experience. The solid spruce soundboard delivers a beautiful tone of voice and is unusually large for a piano of this size, offering a good depth of tone and dynamic range.

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