Steinway Upright Piano

MSRP: $16,900.00

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Serial # : 180563

Type : Upright Piano

Condition : Used

Year : 1917

Finish : Mahogany Satin


Steinway Upright Piano Description

Product Description

This is a wonderful Steinway in great condition it is in beautiful satin mahogany finish. It has great tone mellow and sweet, the action is sensitive to the touch and very easy to control, it has great dynamic range with deep bass and clear treble.

Following is the technician’s report:

This piano had new wippens, hammer butts and hammershanks installed in 2019 because the original parts were sluggish. The action has been regulated and repetition is now very good. The hammers are original. Damper felt is mostly original.

Keytops are original ivory and in excellent condition.

All strings appear to be original. Bass tone is lively. Soundboard and bridges are in good condition.

Piano includes matching bench.

For more information call 503-819-5053

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