Hallet Davis HS115M2 Upright Piano

MSRP: $7,395.00

$6,395.00 $3,995.00

Type : Upright Piano

Condition : New

Year : NEW

Finish : Ebony Polish

Height : 45 Inches

Hallet Davis HS115M2 Upright Piano Description

Product Description

Hallet Davis HS115M2 Upright Piano

This Hallet Davis HS115M2 Upright Piano is one of the best values in its price range. It has great features, plays well and have rich sound with quick and responsive action.


Soundboard: Spruce
Rib Material: Spruce
Number of Ribs: 10
Pinblock: 19 Ply Maple
Bridge Material: Maple
Action Material: Hornbeam
Hammers: Japan
Reinforced: Yes
Plate Material: Cast Iron
Roslau Strings: Yes
Bass Strings: Solid Copper & Wound
Height: 114cm (45″)
Width: 58.5cm (23″)
Length 147cm (58″)
Weight: 220kg (486 lbs)

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Hallet, Davis pianos are top tier pianos in all ways – from the German engineering designs and highest quality hammers – to the precise, consistent touch of the finely tuned action. The soundboard, the piano’s “speaker”, is made of costly solid spruce – the same material used in the finest acoustic instruments in the world – from concert grand pianos to fine violins and classical guitars. Beautiful and satisfying tone, proper touch and response, and reliable and consistent performance are the qualities demanded by professional musicians. These same qualities are yours with a Hallet, Davis piano.

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