Baritone Anton Belov & Accompanist Susan McDaniel Sure to Become an Annual Tradition at Michelle’s Piano



One of the most pointed out features of Michelle’s Piano Recital Hall is the very large old wood beams from the old growth treesfrom the Oregon forest. This combination of concrete floors and old timbers in the ceiling brings a warm but vibrant tonal quality to any performance.

The audience were thrilled last Sunday afternoon with an eclectic collection Euro-Persian music performed by Maestro Belov and Accompanist Susan McDaniel. Anton’s clear explanation of how these type of songs became known to the Western world was quite educational but more evocative is when he sang them. We are very accustomed to the scaling of the well tempered clavier scaling and not as familiar with scaling and modalities of Middle Eastern music. So our ears and hearts were opened to something new but also quite old.

The concert encapsulated and demonstrated this form very well. Many enjoyed the concert and great stage presentation of Maestro Belov, we plan on bringing MAestro Belov back with frequency to our venue. Of course, Susan McDaniel played quite magnificiently supplementing Belov voice with the artistry and demonstration of the Middle Eastern nuances. This week Michelle’s Piano is hosting a double header weekend with Vocalist Heather Keizer and Steve Christofferson on piano on Valentine’s Day benefit for Oregon Montessori and World Renowned Steinway Artist Andreas Klein Concert on 3pm Sunday Feb 15th with Master Class on Monday February 16th from 10-1pm