Bechstein Pianos

Michelle’s Piano Company is celebrating a new partnership with one of the worlds most legendary and prestigious piano manufacturers leading the industry in Germany – The BECHSTEIN Piano Company


Grands and Uprights considered to be masterpieces by many. These pianos are ideal for concert pianists and professionals who desire perfect tone and action with wide dynamics and an overall powerful sound.


Excellent sound profile and professional touch. Retaining the same exquisite action and tone of the Concert series, but within pianos that better fit into a home or small setting.


The best option for any begginner-intermediate player. These pianos are affordable, consistent, and because it’s Bechstein- handcrafted with extreme attention to detail. Grands and Uprights available now!


Ideal for all entry-level pianists. These models are extremely affordable yet retain Bechstein’s standard level of quality- perfect for those who would like to purchase their first piano or upgrade to something that will stand the test of time.


Since 1853, Bechstein has been well known for developing exquisite grand and upright pianos with expert German craftsmanship. Used by professional concert pianist throughout the world, Bechstein pianos are impeccably made and are “orchestrally” voiced, a concept that the company says is related to change of timbre at different velocities of touch. They are created within four different classifications- Concert, Academy, Hoffmann, and Zimmermann. These categories cover all models specifically made for either professional concert or home settings, with each maintaining the same consistent standard of quality.

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